Coming October 28, 2016

Would you give up your bed tonight …   If doing so could change someone’s life?


On October 28, 2016 Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter will host the Baton Rouge Sleep-Out. This event will feature members of our community who will be sleeping outdoors to raise money for Youth Oasis as well as raise awareness of our growing population of at-risk youth in Baton Rouge. Without your help, statistics show that many at-risk youth eventually find themselves living a life of homelessness.

Join us for the Baton Rouge Sleep-out to help Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter raise aware-ness of homelessness in our community. You can help make a difference by becoming a camper for the night or sponsoring a camper for this great event to help those who only want a place to call HOME.



Our Mission

To provide emergency shelter and necessary support services to runaway, abandoned, and homeless youth ages 10 – 21 within the Baton Rouge Area, enabling them to transition into responsible and successful citizens”

Youth Oasis was founded as Baton Rouge Alliance for transitional Living (BRATL) in 1996 by members of local social service agencies and universities who saw the need for a Transitional Living Program for kids aging out of foster care. An emergency shelter for children, ages 10-17 was established in 2002 to provide safety, food, medical, educational, and emotional support to at-risk youth.

The organization became known as Youth Oasis in 2003 and formally changed its name in 2011. In 2016, the original Transitional Living Program (TLP) was transformed into Diversity House, a residential program specializing in providing services to homeless youth who identify as LGBTQ, the only such facility in the entire Gulf Coast region. Youth Oasis now operates two programs to provide necessary service for at-risk youth and young adults: the Children’s Shelter and the Diversity House. With these programs, Youth Oasis plays a strong part in breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community and throughout the state of Louisiana.

How Can you Help?

Below are three ways you can be a part of our Sleep-Out

  • Team Leader

    A team leader will work with people within an organization to organize a sleep-out at an offsite location. Due to limited space at Youth Oasis, we are searching for organizations such as Churches and civic groups to camp off site.

  • Camper

    Campers are needed to make our fundraiser a success. Once you decide to be a camper, you will be sent a fundraising packet that you will use to raise sponsors. This kit will have all the information needed to help you explain the mission of Youth Oasis and why it is so important for this community to come together to support our mission. Due to limited space at Youth Oasis, campers who are not part of an off-site team may be added to an existing team

  • Volunteer

    Youth Oasis will need volunteers to help with the planning and implementation of this event. Volunteers will be working late into the night of the sleep-out or will be asked to help early in the morning as the sun rises. Come out and be a part of our fundraising team.

Team Leader

Let us know if you would like to register as a team leader

Want to be a Camper?

Let us know if you would like to register as a camper

Want to Volunteer?

Let us know if you would like to register as a volunteer.


• 32% of homeless youth have attempted suicide.
• 45% experience mental health problems
• Only 9% have access to mental health services
• Runaway and homeless youth experience rape and assault rates 2 to 3 times that of non at-risk youth
• More than 1/3 of homeless youth engage in survival sex
• Homeless youth are 7X more likely to die AIDS and 16X more likely to be diagnosed with HIV
• One of every three teens on the street is lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.


Youth Oasis’ 2016 impact on at-risk kids in Louisiana as of 08/25/2016

  • Has provided 3,469 bed nights
  • Has Provided over 10,500 meals
  • Has Provided services to over 100 at-risk young adults

Sleep-out to end homlesness

Members of our community sleeping outside so homeless youth don’t have to…..


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